Grow Your Business with Platinum HR

Platinum HR is a strategic partner providing custom Human Resource business solutions to help our clients attract, support, develop, and retain a competitive workforce and achieve their business objectives. We develop client-focused partnerships and innovative solutions. By entrusting the multifaceted burden of Human Resources to our organization, your team can focus on core business objectives.

We are dedicated to a partnership that creates sustainable Human Resource programs that benefit the organization and its most valuable asset: employees.

Platinum HR Consulting Group is here to guide, educate, and advise you. Your customized Human Resources strategy can and will make the difference in the growth of your company! 


Why Outsource?

“A recent study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found HR outsourcing is a practice used by nearly 6 out of 10 organizations. In the last five years, the U.S. market for this type of outsourcing has nearly doubled.”

Many organizations have discovered that outsourcing the HR function is turning out in their favor and is yielding greater profits. Small to medium sized organizations benefit greatly by outsourcing the HR function which in many cases is being handled by an employee with no HR expertise or experience. This has not only proved cost-effective, but has helped in minimizing legal risks and retaining employees. Why use Platinum HR?

  1. You'll have access to a dedicated consultant, knowledgeable in all areas of Human Resources that provides you complete satisfaction to handle the most difficult employment related issues.

  2. A strategic partner that understands and adds value to your business. Collaborate with our experienced team of HR Consultants that understand the challenges of operating a small to medium sized business both domestic and international.

  3. Let us assist in creating and maintaining programs and processes that increase employee engagement and facilitate profitable growth.