hr advisory

With our HR Advisory plan, support is just a phone call or email away! A low monthly cost provides you with premium HR expertise. Asking questions and keeping us informed as issues arise is the best way to grow your business, recruit, retain and motivate employees, stay legally compliant and avoid potential lawsuits. This plan saves thousands of dollars when compared to hiring a full time employee or paying a high hourly rate every time you have a question. The benefits to our HR Advisory plan are as follows:

  • We function seamlessly as your HR partner

  • No hidden fees or complicated rules to follow

  • HR expertise at your fingertips, 5 days a week 8-5

  • Emergency hours- 25% discount off our hourly rate for help needed outside normal business hours

  • Advice and coaching on any HR topic including employee relations, legal compliance, hiring, termination, performance management, etc.

  • Employee handbook, policies and procedures reviewed and kept on file so that as question arise, we can quickly advise and answer questions

  • Same-day response

  • Regular legal compliance updates


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