Employee Handbook

Platinum HR’s employee handbooks are individually crafted to integrate HR best practices, your specific business environment, and to ensure that all company policies and guidelines align with the frequently changing employment laws.

When an employee handbook has been created and developed properly, it becomes a foundational piece of your business and its culture. Not only does it provide value to you as the employer, it also provides value to your employees in these ways:

  • It introduces all new hires to your company’s policies, procedures, and culture

  • It’s the perfect tool for employees and supervisors to reference when adhering to your company’s practices, policies, and procedures

  • It reinforces continuity of your company’s policies across all levels of employment

  • It’s a legal document and evidence that your company is consisted and adheres to current employment laws

Numerous federal, state, and even local laws affect the content of policies and procedures to be included in handbooks. As such, your employee handbook should be reviewed once a year. 

Trust Platinum HR to create a custom handbook for your company, review and revise your current handbook, or regularly maintain the legal compliance and company policies for your handbook. 


Custom Employee Handbook

Provide your team with a clear reference of your company policies and practices. Our Custom Employee Handbook will be carefully crafted by HR professionals to reflect current employment law in employee-friendly terms. 


Employee Handbook Subscription

Keep your employee handbook current with annual updates. We diligently monitor all employment laws and HR best practices so you know your handbook is up-to-date.


Employee Handbook Review

Need a checkup? We’ll review your existing employee handbook and provide suggested revisions to ensure it reflects the appropriate policies, up-to-date regulations, and represents current HR best practices.


For more information on how we develop employee handbooks for our clients, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly!